If you wish to know yourself, Seek yourself in the world’s far breadths;
If you wish to know the world, Penetrate your own inner depths.

- Rudolf Steiner

The Merriam Webster definition of eurythmy is a system of harmonious body movement to the rhythm of spoken words and comes from the Greek euruthmiā, from euruthmos, rhythmic and well proportioned.

Eurythmy is an expressive movement art originated from Rudolf Steiner. It is occasionally referred to as “speech made visible” and is intended to be a complement to intellectual learning. By studying eurythmy, students learn dexterity of movement, grace, poise, balance, and concentration. They also develop a sense for sound and space and a feeling for social harmony.

At The Waldorf School of Philadelphia the eurythmy teacher uses fairy tales and poems as a background to forms and gestures in the first grade. In later grades students act out characters and dramatic situations, both as individuals and in groups; and by the upper grades the movements increase considerably in their grace and complexity.

Eurythmy teacher, Anna Ziegner, took full advantage of the crisp, cold snow on the ground by holding her classes outdoors. Here the sixth grade students make forms in the snow as part of an applied eurythmy lesson.











































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