Days are shorter, night seems to fall as soon as we say goodbye to our classes in the afternoon and everyone wants to snuggle up at home by the heater or fire with a blanket and a warm mug of something sweet. Yet, the social and practical aspects of our lives keep us busy, busy- packing our evenings and weekends with one event or the other.

It is this dual aspect of the fall season that The Waldorf School of Philadelphia celebrates in the Lantern Walk. As the summer passes into autumn’s chill and frost the light that gave us joy and strength seems to recede a bit farther each day. Wind blows, the trees give up their colorful blanket of leaves and we too can feel forlorn and exposed in the chill and dark that surrounds us. It takes an act of courage to step out into the darkness on a November night. Faith of heart is needed to hold all of what life and nature gave us during the warm relaxed summer months in our soul like a small burning flame as we head deeper into the autumn. This is the symbolism of the Lantern Walk- each of our families setting out into the darkness to walk with our little lights while the wind sighs and the leaves rustle underfoot. Then, as the path turns we see that each little light forms part of a river of light that weaves through the night- joining together and helping us along. Song and friendship accompany us as we tend our lanterns against rain or wind- or even the progress of our own rushing feet. We find that once we have stepped out into the night we find our community in a different spirit from the rush of everyday events.

Thank you to all who joined this very special event. It is hoped that it left a warm glow as we move into the rush of seasonal and school events that all call for our time and attention.

Erin Semin, Faculty Chair

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