The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is simply excellent. We send both of our children here and have been amazed by the intelligence of the curriculum and the warmth of the classrooms. Our daughter transferred to Waldorf from a Philadelphia public school in second grade. Waldorf has allowed her to develop her character and talents with a fullness that is not possible in more traditional educational settings. One of the great benefits of Waldorf education is that it takes the entire person into consideration; classrooms are therefore very tolerant and respectful of individuality. Creativity, questioning, and activity are encouraged and nurtured; so are quietness, contemplation, and more internally focused forms of engagement with the world. As your child grows and gains knowledge of his or her surroundings, the Waldorf curriculum grows with them, teaching them self-respect, respect for others, and honor for the world, all within a rigorous, and integrated, academic curriculum. The Waldorf School of Philadelphia encourages parent participation with many meaningful and beautiful rituals that cycle through the entire school experience, from nursery through 8th grade. We love it!

—Submitted by a current WSP parent on greatschools.org

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