To receive the child in gratitude from the world they come from;

To educate the child with love;

And to lead the child into the true freedom which belongs to man.

Rudolf Steiner defined these three golden rules for Waldorf teachers. The reverence and respect felt by Waldorf teachers for the special qualities of each stage of childhood shapes the school environment, the way the children are spoken to, the materials used, the activities undertaken and the approach to learning at each developmental stage. Waldorf teachers are dedicated to creating genuine love of learning within each child. By freely using art, craft, music and language in conjunction with the teaching of academics, learning becomes a living, creative process.  The academic subjects are enriched and enlivened in a way that meets the developmental stages of the children, offering both sensory and intellectual nourishment. Waldorf teachers believe that children should not be rushed into adult consciousness but allowed to savor their childhood.

To assist our young to learn to know and love the world in childhood, to begin to develop good judgement in adolescence, to freely take responsibility for life’s journey in adulthood; these are the tasks ahead for teachers and parents.

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